Electro-hydraulic two post lifts

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Two-column electro-hydraulic lifts with 3-section support arms.

The PS2CH 4.0 range lifts are operated by a master/slave type hydraulic circuit with automatic realignment of the two trolleys at each lifting cycle; thanks to this circuit, the PS2CH 4.0 range lifts are particularly reliable, easy to install and do not require mechanical adjustments after the first installation (there are no metal ropes between the columns).

The arm attachment trolley unit is compact and with reduced overall dimensions from the ground and the column with an asymmetric structure is designed to make the opening of the door easier.

Technical data

Max. capacity4000 kg
Motor power2,6 kW (400V - 3ph - 50Hz)
Power supply230/400V - 3Ph - 50/60Hz
Power supply230V - 1Ph - 50Hz
Max height PS2CH 4.0/33870 mm
Max height PS2CH 4.0/44470 mm
Max height PS2CH 4.0/55070 mm
Lifting/lowering time49 / 55 s
Pneumatic pressure6 8 bar
Circuit voltage command24V