Electro-mechanical two post lifts

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LUX PS2MD 4.0 - 5.0

Two-column electro-mechanical lifts
The lifts are available with load capacities of 4,000 and 5,000 kg.
The lifts are designed to meet the needs of the modern car repair centre, with all the attention to detail.

With two motors (one for each column), controlled by an electronic card for controlling the drive synchronism of the two columns:

PS2MD 4.0 EX - with a load capacity of 4 tons, specifically studied for working both with small cars as the SMART and with long vehicles as the Mercedes Sprinter. The lifting arms minimum height is only 70 mm, in order to safely work with particularly low-body vehicles. It is equipped with 4 extra long four-stage symmetric arms.

PS2MD 5.0 EX - with a load capacity of 5 tons, was specially designed for lifting vans and armoured limousines, which are particularly heavy. It is equipped with 4 long three-stage symmetric arms.

  • Maintenance is strongly reduced thanks to the automatic continuous screw and nut lubrication system.
  • All lifts feature an automatic safety device tripped in case of excessive wear of the load-bearing nut screw.

Technical data

Max. capacity4000 KG - 5000 KG
Motor power2 x 3,5 kW
Power supply PSMD 4.0 EX400V - 3Ph - 50Hz
Power supply PSMD 5.0 EC230/400V - 3Ph - 50/60Hz