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Scissor type electro-hydraulic lift

Main features:

‣Flat runways or with slip plates
‣Plastic sliding shoes

On the wheel alignment version the recesses for the turn plates and slip plates are adjustable (pre-set in factory) to ensure perfect planarity of the runways.

To enable the wheel alignment cycle, the lift parking racks are adjustable; the electronics control whether the runways lift parking racks are engaged on the same teeth.

Two-movement and six movement play detector versions are available (PT2-PT6). Versions with the six movement play detector (PT6) are also available with Wi-Fi wireless control.

Technical data

Max. capacity4300 kg - 5000 kg
Lifting/lowering time95”
Pneumatic power supply4-10 bar
Motor power3 kW
Power supply230/400V - 3Ph - 50Hz
Max. capacity LT3500 kg
Lifting time LT8”